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Hi, welcome to my website. My life, work and journey of awakening over the last few years have been driven by a deep yearning to live more authentically, feel more connected,  re-discover my passions and live in a way that brings me joy.

I guess that’s the same for you! Are you feeling the need for change, to live more from your heart and express yourself through your life in a different, more connected way? I know the desire for more peace and a greater level of personal freedom are signs that change is calling.

I write, blog, run workshops and retreats, offer healing and one-to-one mentoring to support you on your journey. I will help you remember your sacred connection, the wisdom keeper within and that stream of intuitive knowing that guides your life. My aim is to help you realise that you hold all your answers within and support you in connecting to this truth.

I live in Milton Keynes UK.  I work with groups locally and connect globally with people through my writing, healing and mentoring.

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Crystal Healing | Shiva Lingam

The energy of The Goddess of the Shiva has been coming through in my meditations and in my workshops for a few months. I was guided a physical Shiva Lingam Stone would come into my life to ground this energy in the physical realm. She called loudly one day and I found her in Florida […]

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