Tree Wisdom | Connecting to the Energy of Life

12 Nov

Yesterday I took a long walk in the woods, it was in silent meditation connecting to the web of life. As my mind fell quiet I started to feel the life of the forest, the buzz of energy flowing between each tree and plant. I asked to remember more and as I opened my heart a great wave of healing and teaching flowed into me. I was shown that as I touched each leaf it responded, as I touched the Earth and sent love it gave back a gentle loving response.

Later I sat under a great beech tree (the Grandfather of the woods) his spirit filling my heart. His message was direct and clear – help people remember. Help them remember that we are all connected, that we all feel and we all can be hurt. Just as you feel pain, so do we. Help them feel the energy of life, feel the interaction between all living beings and feel their heart. Only then will people love, respect and protect their natural world, the home we all share.


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