Hi, I’m Debbie.

debbiehillIf I could put everything I do, and everything I believe in, into one sentence, it would be – “With all of my heart I want to inspire others to create lives that honour the deepest calling of their soul”

I work with people who are waking up spiritually, they are fed up with playing the game of illusion and need to live more authentically, be more connected, re-discover their passions and find what brings them joy. They need to express themselves as a soul and yearn to create each day from the wisdom of their hearts. They are ready for change and feel a deep stirring within to find their tribe. They want inner peace and they want freedom.

I write, blog, run workshops and retreats, offer healing and one-to-one mentoring to support your awakening. I will help you remember your sacred connection, the wisdom keeper within and that stream of intuitive knowing that guides your life.

This is my journey too. My aim through connecting, sharing and inspiring is to help you realize that you hold all your answers within and give you the tools to awaken to this.

I am a Usui Reiki Master and ACHO qualified Crystal Healer. My intention is to always hold the highest intent for my work and bring through the pure light of source energy in all interactions.

Awakening the sacred within

We all have our own sacred gifts, those special things that make us unique and are the engine that motors our life work. Its when we say yes to ourselves and yes to life that these treasures can be fully expressed. I don’t think you just wake up one day and have all your answers – I feel they evolve gradually and awaken with you as you move through each stage of your life.

We are all in this together. Each one of us doing the best we can with what we have. Life can be one big adventure or a daily struggle to survive. After years of struggle myself I made the decision to thrive; listen to what my heart was calling me to do and act on those inner promptings. My writing, teaching and healing work now, is all a result of that decision.

What I have to share

I plug people back into their truth, their wisdom and their hearts.
Humanity is like one great big domino mandala – as each person awakens and embodies their light, they then deliver the keys to this truth through their auric field. In turn each connection and interaction they experience becomes a sacred unlocking of this light for others too. Have you heard the saying “we are all just walking each other home”? I believe this to be true.

I have had so many wonderful teachers and awakeners on my journey, and each has delivered a unique key to me. I am here to do my part in this great flow of awakening on the planet now. When we gather in conscious groups or meet one to one we plug in, we remember and we heal the disconnect. As I remember, you remember, then those around you will remember, its a beautiful wave of empowerment that will just keep spreading. This is how the world will change and evolve – one awakened person at a time.

My role is to support you in remembering; remembering who you are and why you are here. I want to help you awaken the wisdom keeper within. That infinite source of light that is you – your soul. From this place of connection you will be able to create a life that is more authentic, heart led and fulfilling. We all have a spark deep within us calling to awaken – so much stress, tension and resistance comes when we ignore the call from our soul to listen. It can be scary to step forward and let our inner voice lead – but living this way creates miracles!

I have been on a path of conscious awakening since 2000. It has been an amazing, crazy, uplifting and unexpected ride. One thing I have learned in this time is that we can’t do it alone, we need each other and we all have a deep yearning to connect back with our tribe, our soul family. I want to support you on this crazy ride and remind you to trust yourself, see the bigger picture and to love – especially during those times when you forget the light and wisdom within you.

I run workshops, meditation evenings and retreats so people can gather in a high vibrational space, meet their tribe and awaken. These sacred spaces help people open their hearts and find the peace that naturally sits within them. I love working with groups, seeing the unique gifts each person brings and seeing the powerful transformations that result. It is such a blessing to work with people in this way and share a little part of their journey.

My journey so far

debbiesandalsAs a child I was creative, playful, adventurous and happiest when out in the nature. I was lucky that my best friend lived on a farm and racing stud, we had access to hundreds of beautiful Thoroughbred horses, three very cheeky ponies and hundreds of acres of fields. As I look back, that time seemed like an endless summer of galloping, jumping, making dens and playing without boundaries.

Then as I got older, left school everything changed – I got busy, responsible, and serious. Life went into overdrive and each day was driven by stress and deadlines. This is a pattern that happens to so many of us, life becomes so fast that we forget who we really are.

I knew I needed to make changes but didn’t know where to begin. I worked long hours, found it difficult to relax and always seemed to focus on the negative. I was on a downward spiral which affected my health, relationships and outlook on life.

My big wake up call

My big wake up call happened in 2000 when pregnant with my daughter. Life was full on! I was working long hours, busy with a toddler, overwhelmed by the changes coming. This was compacted by being terrified about delivering another child. I don’t use the word terrified lightly, I was miles past fear. I was at breaking point!

A spiritual awakening was the last thing I was expecting!

I had just discovered Reiki and was having weekly treatments to help with stress. The energy I felt when receiving healing was profound, I connected to a deep calm within. This scared me as it highlighted the great amount of worry and stress I was living under. It was at that time I made a decision, for my sanity, health and for the benefit of my children I wanted to change and learn how to feel this energy everyday of my life!

debbieaboutI see now it was a decision to become conscious, to live life from my heart, to honour my inner guidance, to awaken to the wisdom within and use that energy to create my life from the inside out. It’s taken a few years of soul searching to realise this, at the time all I could think about was how good all this energy stuff make me feel.

I was at home one morning worrying about the delivery of my baby. I felt an immense warm energy around me then a quiet voice within told me to sit on the sofa. I felt a massive pair of hands rest on my shoulders and deep stillness come over me. I was frozen with fear and excitement in equal measure! Looking out of the corner of my eye I could see these white feathery wings spread out behind me.

My mind was going 100mph – it was an Angel!

As I closed my eyes he took me on a journey deep within to visit my unborn child. My inner vision scanned her whole body; I saw her little face, legs, and hand’s, even her cute little bum. I saw how my organs and placenta were fitted snugly around her form. I felt waves of love from her heart fill me with joy and I gained an understanding of how protected we both were and how everything was going to be fine. The Angel guided me to talk to her, ask questions and to connect with her every day of my pregnancy. It was one the most profound and beautifully healing moments in time I have ever experienced.

When the Angel’s energy finally faded away I knew this experience had completely changed my view on life, reality and everything that I had been taught was real.

Trusting my heart out

I wake up each day now knowing that life is my teacher and that each experience is showing me something. I have learned that change can arrive in a breath – but also it can be an ongoing gradual process. I have learned to expect the unexpected and believe in miracles.

My wish is to share my experiences and inspire you to trust your journey too. As you surrender to your inner wisdom and act on its guidance, life will change. You will need to trust your heart out – but thats when the adventure really begins.

Let’s create something beautiful

My journey has helped me rediscover the creative, playful, adventurous part of me – the me that connects with life in a whole hearted, spontaneous way! My greatest joy has been to live with inner peace and a level of freedom that I had once expressed so freely as a child. I want this for you too!

I want to help you find your joy and your purpose.

It is so easy to get caught up in the drama and fast pace of daily life.

Do you feel as if you have no control and are running on automatic?
Are you looking outside yourself for answers?
Do you feel a call to change your life but don’t know how to start?

I want to help you feel again, break through the fear and inspire you to be who you really are.
Let’s learn how to laugh at life again and to jump into our experiences with both feet and all our hearts!
Its time to stop being held back by fear, honour your path and be honest with yourself.
You have a calling deep within your heart – a passion unfulfilled, its time to listen and turn to face your destiny.

It’s about taking small steps and being gentle with yourself,
Its about creating your life from the inside out.
It’s about doing the inner work to create a manageable flow of change,
It’s about letting go of guilt (it serves no one especially you.
It’s about you becoming your own best friend, because unless you love, honour and accept your unique self your fears and resistances will fight you all the way!

We are designed to thrive but when we are disconnected we just exist.

Time to stop coping. Time to get conscious, get creative, and live life from our hearts!

It’s a journey I know you will love – I hope you will join me!

inspiring the wisdom within