Distance healing is a wonderful way to receive a healing transmission of light. You can be anywhere in the world, as time and distance do not affect the energy being sent to you. For years my own healer lived in South Africa and I would regularly book sessions with her. I found resting quietly at home the most perfect way to receive a healing. I also found the detailed feedback email and/or Skype call afterwards a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and change.

The session starts with either an email or Skype call to talk through your intentions. We will discuss where you are in your life and look at what is calling as the healing focus. We will connect briefly just before the agreed time to start, you will then need to go and lay down (on you bed or sofa) for about 45mins to an hour. I will then send the Reiki energy to you while also receiving guidance on any energy echoes from past lives, events/experiences or old limiting beliefs that you carry, that are ready to be released.
The sessions offer a deep, profound level of insight into your energy field, what is creating blocks and transforming what limits you.

After the session I will write up a detailed email of all that came through. It will cover what was released, guidance on shifts to be aware of and information from your guides on any actions to take to support your healing going forward.

I love working with people via distance healing as we can connect wherever you are in the world!

I also offer Reiki teaching/attunements. Please contact me for further details if you feel ready to bring this beautiful healing energy into your life.

90 min session – Distance healing with Skype, email or phone consultation

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