As soon as I met Debbie, I felt instantly comfortable with her. She has such a calm presence. I have had Reiki treatments and energy healing which is something years ago that I would have not even considered. The results have been deep and profound. In my view it takes courage to ‘be with’ people in the way Debbie does and she has oodles of it. She has a positive approach and a belief in everyone, wherever they are on their journey, especially when they’ve gone off their true path. She speaks to the heart and soul. Having done Reiki 1 attunement with her, I would recommend this to anyone. It is transformational and fun. The various womens circles she runs are a wonderful space to connect and share our journeys.
I feel I have come a long way with Debbie, as she is a true friend who welcomes you home to who you are.
WW – Northampton UK                                                                                                                                                                                     

I regularly attend Debbie’s groups, they are always fun,  informative – I’ve learnt so much from the purity and truth of how Debbie works through her own divine wisdom. I love her enthusiasm to teach and to pass on her wisdom in such inspirational and creative ways.

Debbie is a very gifted healer and wisdom-keeper and I would definitely recommend her groups, workshops and private healing sessions. If you have a curiosity or feel at all guided or drawn to her work just give it a go. I did and I now feel blessed to know Debbie and have her in my life. If you are already on your path I would recommend her too as her work is very current and always moving with the amazing and beautiful energetic changes that we are all currently personally and collectively going through. She is such a great support for anyone on their path of growing spiritually. Debbie holds a very safe and pure space for true healing and deep change work. That was really important to me and I knew as soon as I met her I was in very safe hands.
I have met like minded new friends with open hearts and I love the social side of Debbie’s work too and how she effortlessly brings us all together to connect.
LC – Kettering UK

From the very first day Debbie and I met a great shift within happened!
I’m not one who puts words together well, however, my life has changed massively since I started working with Debbie. Before meeting I knew my heart chakra was very closed, nothing I did seemed to alter this. I found it hard expressing my emotions and withdrew from being around others. Debbie has helped me heal deeply, open my heart and also open up to life again. Her workshops and meditation groups have been a catalyst for me to find my soul family, my tribe and for this I am so very deeply grateful. Debbie has literally changed my life!
PW – Winslow UK

Debbie is such a peaceful, tranquil soul that it’s impossible to feel anything but calm in her presence. She led meditations and discussions with deep connection and grace, and taught me to appreciate nature on a new level. Debbie made the weekend retreat truly special and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual guidance.
A K – St Albans UK

I have been attending Debbie’s workshops for over a year. I find her everyday approach to spiritual development refreshing. She allows everyone to move at there own pace and gives each individual the support they require.
Debbie show’s a way to incorporate the spiritual connection we all work towards into everyday life; she understands that I still need to do the washing up and shopping and show’s how I can bring peaceful spiritual elements into my everyday life.
Debbie’s guided meditations are magical and really powerful. On occasions she has introduced light language into the mediations, this has been truly transformational for me.
I recommend anyone no matter where they are on their journey to join Debbie on her path and receive the teaching she is clearly guided to give to the world.
H W – Woburn Sands UK

Over the last year since I met Debbie, I have felt a big transformation in my spiritual journey. Her workshops are always so insightful and I love leaving with something new to aid my spiritual growth, feeling even closer to my truth. I have been to Debbie’s Crystal workshop and the Women’s Empowerment workshop and am a regular at the monthly meditation evenings too. It’s always magical, relaxing, and full of positive energy. I look forward to every connection with Debbie, she is a shining light and great teacher and support for anyone on this spiritual journey called life! She really does help you feel at ease and relaxed in her presence, there is nothing but love, and I promise you will feel closer to your soul truth after experiencing Debbie’s unique gifts.
S H – Milton Keynes UK

Debbie’s presence will touch your heart in many ways. Her gentle approach to helping you discover your inner ‘diamond’ (true nature) is powerful yet non confrontational. As a torch bearer, her light is one which surrounds you in the peace of unconditional love and healing nurture.

Her intuition and wisdom is called on at this time to help with the empowerment of anyone who cares to discover the sacred path within mundane existence. This wisdom of the divine feminine, so required in these turbulent times will lift your spirits, and help you smile as life’s unexpected challenges come your way.

Debbie, with her keen sense of humour, playful energy and depth charge will help highlight and liberate any stuck areas in your life. She assists in penetrating through layers of hurt, pain or unforgiveness which require acknowledgement, releasing and transmuting. Insodoing, she helps to shift your perspective to reveal that in fact there is a hidden gift in every situation if viewed from a different angle. Be prepared to find your inner light, your true magic, and most importantly your unique divinity.
P W – Brighton UK

I have had the pleasure of working with Debbie for some more than 6 months now and from the very first time we spoke, I realised that I was in the company of someone extraordinary. I can honestly say that in all the time we have been working together, it has never ever once felt like work and that I always finish the sessions feeling like my heart has grown another size.

Debbie is a gifted modern day mystic, straddling lifetimes and navigating through the complexities and layers of the crazy old planet we occupy and times that we are living in. However, she is refreshingly normal, with a great sense of humour, not even a sniff of preciousness, and totally up to speed with the world around her. A rare combination! I love that despite of her incredible gifts and abilities, that she is down to earth and approachable and completely girl next door. Debbie has a huge capacity to love and to heal which she does both with power, grace and ease.

In her kit are many tools and gifts. She is like the Mary Poppins of the Spiritual World pulling things out of the carpet bag that couldn’t possibly have all fit in there. Here are the aspects of herself that I have seen her pull out so far: psychic, seer, animal healer and communicator, lucid dreamer, healer, wisdom keeper, author, creative, teacher and channel of love.
K H – Cumbria UK

Debbie has a beautiful heart and spirit. She has so much love to give. I have attended two of her workshops and both experiences gave me the gift of peace, acceptance and tranquility. Debbie is an excellent listener and counsellor and I am grateful that I got to know her, even if it was for a short while.
B K – Manchester UK

I have been interested in holistic alternative therapies for the past few years and have qualified as a Reflexologist. For a long time now I have wanted to get involved in Reiki, but never found the right time, place or person.

Debbie invited me to attend her Reiki 1 attunement and something pinged in my head that this was it! It was on 2 beautiful warm July days I had my attunement. It was a very special process and Debbie was professional, compassionate with loads of empathy; especially when I cried. I was made very welcome, the energies were electric and also calming, just amazing! Oh did I mention the laughter? A tip, If you do some healing with Debbie, wear some waterproof mascara! You will either be in tears or crying with laughter. I can’t wait until my next attunement later in the year. I would not have wished to have experienced with just anybody, Debbie is a fantastic natural teacher.
J D – Northampton UK

If anyone is thinking of enhancing their spiritual knowledge and vibration Debbie’s courses are definitely the way to go. I think Debbie is just so knowledgeable, enlightened & extremely warm & welcoming. I’ve enjoyed a Women’s Empowerment Workshop & Reiki One Attunement which I was totally blown away with. I also met some wonderful people too. These events are a great way to meet like minded people. I highly recommend that you invest the time & money in yourself by doing something with Debbie, it will be one of the best personal investments you will make!! Stay blessed.
K S – Brighton UK

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