Sacred embodiment is the journey we take as we awaken spiritually. It means to live with the awareness of self as a soul. Embodiment is when you live & respond to life from the perspective of your sacred self.

It’s a return to your true light. You will make a conscious re-connection with your purpose/destiny & live with an awareness of the divinity within each heart.


As we gather in a beautiful lakeside house on Lake Como we will enter the sacred temples of light at this power spot in the mountains.

Guided by the Guardians of the mountains & the Goddess of the Lake we will download the creation light codes your soul has called forth, for the next stage of your life journey.

This week is about you stepping into your purpose & aligning with your destiny as a lightworker.

You have been through many initiations, many often challenging. This gateway closes the past for you. It nurtures & holds you, so that through the week you will birth a whole new you.

All week you will be connecting on a deep level with your soul group – this is a global frequency of light that you & all in your soul group are created from (embodied & in spirit). It is a beautiful pattern of light & sound that creates you in this life & the sacred song of your soul.

Connecting all week with your unique soul frequency, you will be able to release old patterns, receive activations from your higher self aspects & fully integrate them at our glorious lakeside venue.

To balance the higher soul energy work we will be offering daily grounding practices.

Yoga, lakeside walks, self care practices, lots of time to rest & enjoy – Being – in such a beautiful place.

This will be a week of sacred sisterhood, friendship, adventure, honouring, heart opening & gentle space.


Daily Yoga
Daily Meditations
Goddess Circles
Yoga Nidra
Conscious silence
Nature walks
Full Moon lakeside Water Ceremony
Womb Listening
Gentle self care – massages, reiki healing, crystal healing, angel card readings, journaling.


We are blessed to be staying in a beautiful private villa in Managgio on the banks of Lake Como. It will create a stunning backdrop to our week together. Morning yoga & all meals will be served in the garden over looking the lake. The valley experiences dramatic sunrises & sunsets, so you will have the opportunity to take lots of amazing photos.

The town centre is only a few minutes walk away with an array of cafes & shops. There is also a beach nearby & local boat trips if you wish to see more of the lake in your free time.

One of the days has been set aside as free time. There is an optional trip out around the lake. It will give you a chance to see the local sights & integrate the energies while playing tourist!

All meals at the villa will be prepared by our personal retreat chef Pete Timmins.

There will be a variety of vegetarian & vegan options, all made in our retreat kitchen from local produce. If you have any special dietary needs please let us know so we can cater for you.

On the first night we have booked a table at a traditional local pizzeria in town. It will be a wonderful way for you to settle in after your flight & get a taste of authentic Italy…literally!


The retreat runs from late afternoon on Tuesday 3rd October to late morning on Sunday 8th October 2017.

(Final timings will be confirmed when we have everyone’s fight details & know airport transfer times)

8 places available (Women only)

Cost – £695

Deposit to secure your place £200

Balance of £495 by 1st August 2017

If you feel the call of the goddess & want to join us, please email for more info & booking details.

Before booking we request a Skype or phone call with you, to go through event details. It will clarify if it’s the right event for you.



Debbie holds sacred space for groups & individuals to reconnect with their sovereign soul self. Working as a healer, wisdom teacher & group facilitator she supports the awakening of ancient wisdom & the anchoring of full soul embodiment within this lifetime.

She is an awakener of lightworkers – she sees, heals & teaches from a multi dimensional perspective. Offering clients a gateway to release all past limitation, step into self-mastery & reclaim their purpose.

In knowing her own sacred aspects & wisdom lineage she shares her journey of awakening- guiding you through these sacred soul led initiations.

Debbie is also a Usui Reiki Master, ACHO Crystal Healer.

In her work she supports all aspects of sacred embodiment – soul group reconnection, light code activation, sacred pregnancy, sacred birth, sacred parenting, sacred soul connection, sacred purpose awakening, karmic release, energy healing, sacred feminine initiation, sacred earth connection, sacred animal connection.

Her purpose is to hold a light that awakens the wisdom keeper within each person & support them in finding their tribe.


Guided by a deep interest in the connection between mind & body, my life & work now flow from the teachings I have experienced & 10 years of regular yoga practice.

This journey sent me to Thailand & India to learn traditional healing techniques, yoga teacher training, meditation & breath work. I now work with women – guiding them through all their different life stages. Supporting them in healing, fully accept themselves & making peace with their bodies.

I work with the breath, yoga, meditation, massage & sacred sound to release blocks within the body.

I offer 1:1 Yoga Classes, Meditation Evenings, Thai Yoga Massage, Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls in the Winslow/Buckingham/Milton Keynes area.

Beautiful Image shared with kind permission from Alessandro Soresini


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