Releasing – Healing – Balancing – Clarity – Transformation – Empowerment – Freedom


These can be taken as 1:1 session in Milton Keynes or via Skype/Distance Healing wherever you are in the world.

SOUL SESSIONS are a range of energy healing and meditation based therapies that support you in bringing more peace, clarity and light into your life.
They have evolved through fifteen years experience as a professional therapist, working and teaching as a Usui Reiki Master and ACHO Crystal Healer.
These sessions have been created so that you can book sacred time out of your busy life to reconnect with the wisdom and peace within. Even if you feel now that deep connection and calm is out of reach, I will support you in opening up again to this energy that is your highest truth.
My aim in working with people is healing & self empowerment – to show them that all their answers lay within and how to access the immense power of their Soul to guide and direct their lives.

These sessions offered are:  (via Skype or in person)
Reiki Healing,
Crystal healing,
Distance Healing
Personal Guided Meditation & Healing Activation Journeys,
Soul Retrieval – Where is energy stuck in the past?
Light Language Activation – Singing Your Souls Song – Your personal Soul Blueprint Activation.

As you move forward with your Sacred Soul Sessions you will awaken and transform many aspects of your true self. This healing work will release deeply seated blocked energy patterns and support you in bringing into your life a profound level of awareness, clarity and inner balance.
If you are ready to give yourself some sacred space to awaken, heal, empower and release – do get in touch. I know so much can be achieved when you decide to take some time out to listen within and allow yourself to really heal. As you let go of the past you can fully access yourself in the present moment, this presence bring great personal transformation and empowerment. It also helps you realise that life is an adventure to be fully lived – not something you are a victim of.

Cost £55

A 90 min session that will help you reset, release the past, balance your chakras, ground your new intentions energetically & establish positive new ways of living. It will feel like an energy healing spring clean.

Cost £150 (Save £15)

These three 90 min sessions will give you the time and space to really establish a new start and receive clear guidance on the path going forward. It will be a time to heal, let go of the past and be deeply supported energetically. You will receive all that is in the first package but will go deeper into your healing. This allows for a more profound personal shift and will create longer lasting positive change.

Cost £225 (Save £50)

These five 90 min sessions will give you a unique opportunity to powerfully focus light on your life and illuminate the path going forward. We will work together to uncover your purpose and align your energy with a higher calling. This in depth focus of healing light will allow you to transform old patterns and establish positive new habits going forward into 2016.

To book or for more information email me on

All packages must be paid for in advance via bank transfer, Paypal or cheque.


Distance healing is a wonderful way to receive a healing transmission of light. You can be anywhere in the world, as time and distance do not affect the energy being sent to you. For years my own healer lived in South Africa and I would regularly book sessions with her. I found resting quietly at home the most perfect way to receive a healing. I also found the detailed feedback email and/or Skype call afterwards a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and change.

The session starts with either an email or Skype call to talk through your intentions. We will discuss where you are in your life and look at what is calling as the healing focus. We will connect briefly just before the agreed time to start, you will then need to go and lay down (on you bed or sofa) for about 45mins to an hour. I will then send the Reiki energy to you while also receiving guidance on any energy echoes from past lives, events/experiences or old limiting beliefs that you carry, that are ready to be released.
The sessions offer a deep, profound level of insight into your energy field, what is creating blocks and transforming what limits you.

After the session I will write up a detailed email of all that came through. It will cover what was released, guidance on shifts to be aware of and information from your guides on any actions to take to support your healing going forward.

I love working with people via distance healing as we can connect wherever you are in the world!

I also offer Reiki teaching/attunements. Please contact me for further details if you feel ready to bring this beautiful healing energy into your life.

90 min session – Distance healing with Skype, email or phone consultation
Cost – £55


Sessions are created to support your specific needs and will involve discussion, meditation, card readings, inner journeying, energy release work and karmic energy healing. I will support you in identifying the root cause behind any challenges you face, we can then work together to transform the energy of these limitations. So many issues stem from energy echoes we still hold from past lives, karmic contracts and energetic imprints through our family line.

When you actively identify these energies and acknowledge the gifts of awareness they have delivered you can then release them. Transformation comes when you can let go of resistance and accept life in the now moment. I will teach you how to release what burdens you and suggest ways that you can carry on this healing into your everyday life.

90 min session – Skype or in Milton Keynes
Cost – £55


I sing and speak ancient light languages that hold keys of light to awaken consciousness. I will deliver to you the “Song of your Soul” that holds the original energetic frequency of your Divine Soul Blueprint. These sound encodings create deep and profound awakenings as well as powerful releases around areas of limitation. You will connect with your soul origins allowing you to heal on a deep level and re-align with your soul purpose in this lifetime.

These sessions are totally life changing and heart opening. Each session will be completely unique to you and will open you up to a greater connection to your heart and the wisdom it holds.

90 min session – Skype or in Milton Keynes
Cost – £55

inspiring the wisdom within