This four hour meditation workshop will allow you the time & space to really relax into a place of stillness. Through guided meditation & sacred silence we will explore what it feels like to still the mind & tune into your body.

In these void spaces you access a deeper listening – a reconnection to the lost parts of your soul that have so much guidance & wisdom to share.

You activate a process of rejuvenation through receiving great waves of panic/chi/life force energy.

It is in emptying yourself you become full.


In releasing the busy mind & habitual patterns that create stress you open to a listening far deeper than any mind could process.

In this space healing occurs. This receiving of self fine tunes your intuition & innate instinct.

Our mastery of self comes from owning our yes & no, voicing our deepest truth, being guided through each day fully engaged with our intuitive inner wisdom.

We always know the truth – we feel it in our bodies, our cells, our consciousness. The journey is to turn up the dial above all the noise society projects & truly hear the ourselves & what we need clearly.

This DEEPER LISTENING meditation workshop will support you in opening up to a new expanded level of listening.

I am really excited to share this space with you all, it is a journey I have been walking for many years.

If you are feeling overwhelmed & depleted these four hours of gentleness have been created for you.

Please connect for booking & any queries.

Blessings Debbie

TIME – 10am – 2pm


Payment in advance via bank transfer or Paypal to secure place.





Do you have crystals but don’t know how to work with their energies?

Do you feel drawn to them but want to learn more about their healing qualities?

This workshop will cover the large range of ways you can use crystals to bring more peace, calm and healing into your life.

You will learn how to:

Meditate & balance your chakras with a crystal.
Choose, cleanse and programme crystals.
Learn about their qualities & different ways they can support you.
Clear negative energies and create strong energetic boundaries.
Set positive crystal empowered intentions.
Connect to your own inner wisdom to create positive change in your life.
Set up and activate a crystal healing grid.
Support your children & animals with raising the vibration of your home.

We will be looking at how crystal frequencies can bring light into our lives.

This will be a day of healing & expanding your understanding of the energy dynamics of everyday life.

Be prepared to connect deeply with your own inner spirit and that of the crystal realm. My aim is for you to go home feeling empowered and supported, confident in your abilities to connect with the beautiful energies of crystals.

No crystal or meditation experience is necessary, this workshop is perfect for any level of experience and understanding.

Please bring a journal & pen, plus something to share for lunch.

TIMES – 10am to 4pm


Please email to book and receive payment details. Places are limited so early booking is advised.

Venue in Broughton, Milton Keynes given on booking.



This workshop is for anyone who has been attuned to Reiki. It will be a regular monthly space for you to practice your healing & develop your knowledge of energy work.

The evening will start with a meditation to connect in with the pure light & original intention of this sacred healing ray. Over the months we will focus on different aspects of Reiki & go deeper into various healing techniques.

Working with Reiki is never just a physical experience. As a Reiki healer you are connecting with multi dimensions, timelines, past/present/future potential realities, shadow as well as light beings, entities, karmic contracts & energy attachment/cording. It is important that each person attuned has a working knowledge of energy protection, grounding & release work. It is when you are confident as an all round healing catalyst that your channel will really open to support every area of your life & work.

You will receive teaching & practical experience in:
-Grounding & energy protection.
-Giving a healing session.
-Effective clearing & closing a session.
-Evolving your chakras.
-Evolving your light body.
-Earthing & energy body/light mandala connection with Gaia.
-Soul group connection – to receive teaching/guidance.
-Connection with the pure light of the original intention for this healing ray – meditating & receiving teaching from the master guardians in spirit.
-Reiki with Crystals- how to use them.
-Reiki with the Angelic realm.
-Reiki to support your children.
-Energy Release – Cording, karmic, entity, thought forms, attachments.
-Going deeper into the wisdom of the Reiki Symbols.
-Understanding of collective consciousness.
-Understanding of past lives in a healing session.
-Understanding of timeline/multiple reality alignment work.
– Understanding karmic dynamics in a healing session.
-Strengthening your intuition & hearing your inner guidance.
– Different healing techniques that bring support for you, your children, animals, home & workspace.
-How to raise the vibration of the space you are in.
-Understanding yourself as a light worker & what it means.

These evenings are for any level of experience. Often life gets in the way & we feel that our healing practice & development becomes last on our to-do list. This regular monthly workshop will help to advance your understanding of healing, teach you how to tune into energy in a deeper way & awaken the healing skills that sit naturally within you.

Wherever you are on your journey it is my aim to help you travel deeper into the magic & peace Reiki brings. It is an incredible gift to have hot Reiki hands – lets meet up & keep this soothing light flowing.

TIME: 7pm – 10pm (3 hours teaching)

(Book 4 workshops in advance at £60 – BUY 3 & GET ONE FREE)
Consessions available
Please bring a journal.
For booking or to ask any questions please email

Tuesday 30th April
Thursday 30th May
Thursday 27th June
Tuesday 23rd July
Tuesday 20th August



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