Wednesday 5th September 2018

The focus this month is connecting to the inner silence deep within us. A place of clarity, healing & rejuvenation.

This is a regular monthly meditation is perfect for anyone who wants to drop into a deep place of inner stillness, release stress and learn ways to take this peace into their everyday life.

It’s a space where you can heal, learn, share and awaken to who you truly are. Each month we will have a theme to focus on – it may be grounding, working with crystals, releasing the past etc.

The focus will be about connecting to our inner wisdom – connecting with the voice of our soul as a guide.

This monthly energy work will take you to the next level of your life journey, activating a greater understanding and working connection with the higher realms of light. Not externally but within you.

Time 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Exchange £15


Please email for payment details and booking your place.

Please share with any friends you feel may be interested.


Wednesday 19th September 2018

This workshop is for anyone who has been attuned to Reiki. It will be a regular monthly space for you to practice your healing & develop your knowledge of energy work.

The evening will start with a meditation to connect in with the pure light & original intention of this sacred healing ray. Over the months we will focus on different aspects of Reiki & go deeper into various healing techniques.

Working with Reiki is never just a physical experience. As a Reiki healer you are connecting with multi dimensions, timelines, past/present/future potential realities, shadow as well as light beings, entities, karmic contracts & energy attachment/cording. It is important that each person attuned has a working knowledge of energy protection, grounding & release work. It is when you are confident as an all round healing catalyst that your channel will really open to support every area of your life & work.

You will receive teaching & practical experience in:
-Grounding & energy protection.
-Giving a healing session.
-Effective clearing & closing a session.
-Evolving your chakras.
-Evolving your light body.
-Earthing & energy body/light mandala connection with Gaia.
-Soul group connection – to receive teaching/guidance.
-Connection with the pure light of the original intention for this healing ray – meditating & receiving teaching from the master guardians in spirit.
-Reiki with Crystals- how to use them.
-Reiki with the Angelic realm.
-Reiki to support your children.
-Energy Release – Cording, karmic, Entity, Thoughforms, attachments.
-Going deeper into the wisdom of the Reiki Symbols.
-Understanding of collective consciousness.
-Understanding of past lives in a healing session.
-Understanding of timeline/multiple reality alignment work.
– Understanding karmic dynamics in a healing session.
-Strengthening your intuition & hearing your inner guidance.
– Different healing techniques that bring support for you, your children, animals, home & workspace.
-How to raise the vibration of the space you are in.
-Understanding yourself as a light worker & what it means.

These evenings are for any level of experience – for example if you have just completed your Reiki 1, practice regularly, are attuned but life got in the way or are looking to learn more to support yourself (& not feeling to heal others).

Wherever you are on your journey it is my aim to help you travel deeper into the magic & peace Reiki brings. It is an incredible gift to have hot Reiki hands – lets meet up & keep this soothing light flowing.

TIME: 7pm – 10pm (3 hours teaching)
(Book 4 workshops in advance at £60 – £20 DISCOUNT)

Please bring a journal.

For booking or to ask any questions please email

Please share with any friend who you feel may benefit.

inspiring the wisdom within