The Diamond Lotus refers to our pure true nature as a consciousness of light. It is in connecting with this inner treasure we awaken to the timeless nature of this life and our journey's into form.


The Diamond Lotus Light is pure bliss and infinite love. During this transmission you will be immersed in this pure light - it's purity washing away all that is not this expanded truth. This gives you the opportunity to experience yourself in wholeness and infinity. The frequencies bathing , healing and supporting. Helping you put aside the mind and drop deeply into formless form.


The 10.10 Gateway as with all Key (Coded) Dates offer humanity the opportunity to release deep levels of programming and patterns. They move us collectively through high levels of light, raising the consciousness of the planet. I offer these transmissions as a beautiful cushion of support over these powerful times of transition.


Gathering online is perfect for this activation as you can rest in the comfort of your own home. Giving you the chance to stay in a deep bliss state afterwards. I will share this light through guided meditation and a light language transmission.


This work is powerful and transformative. If you are feeling the call to know yourself better and awaken to a more expanded understanding of self, this will be perfect for you.


This is a space for you to experience your true light.


I am looking forward to sharing this potent and special time with you.


Please message for booking and I will forward details.


When – Thursday 10th October 2019

Time – 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Where – Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £20

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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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