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This workshop will be a space for you to learn how you can take daily, active steps to heal your body/womb. Especially if you are recovering from childbirth, surgery, health issues (no matter now long ago).

It will be a time for you to heal, release the past & give your womb a voice - allowing her to express fully what she needs know. As women our wombs are powerful portals of creation. They hold & grow our babies, they connect us to the cycles of nature & our true nature at one with all life.

They also hold so much emotion & pain from traumatic birthing experiences, negative body conditioning & sadness from challenging relationships.

This morning will help you reconnect with your body & start to love her again.

What to expect...

-Supportive group conversation - where everyone is respected, honoured & heard.

-Healing guided meditations to release blocked energy & painful energy memories/imprints.

-Talks about the womb healing journey, different ways to use these healing techniques yourself & how to move forward positively from past hurt.

- Honouring the journey of miscarriage, stillbirth & abortion. Healing past timelines with love & soul contracts that have been embodied.

- Identifying where you may give your power away or leak energy due to past experiences.

-Working to reclaim your centre of self, personal power & establish strong energy boundaries going forward.

-Working with lots of different womb supportive crystals to move suck energy & empower you to actively work with your own womb energy/power.

-There will be a Womb Empowerment Initiation (meditation) to reconnect you to Mother Earth & your Heart & Souls Light. Our womb power can be disconnected & shut down during trauma, which then affects our energy levels, confidence, ability to connect with the world & others.

This energy healing work will plug you back into "you" - your true, vibrant, powerful essence.

No experience of meditation or energy healing is needed. This morning is a safe, gentle healing space for all.

About Debbie....

I have been an energy healer for 18 years working predominantly with women & women's health. As a mother of two, it was my children's births that drove me to seek help for emotional & physical healing. Through Reiki & Crystal Healing I reconnected back into my body - forgave her & my experiences. This initiation was part of the journey that has made me a healer.

I know & understand how painful experiences sit within us, deeply affecting us on every level - affecting our parenting, child/parent relationship, body image, relationship issues, relationship with nourishment (e.g. Food, sex, receiving life) & how we put ourselves back out into the world afterwards.

I work with women in my 1:1 sessions to clear the energy of these past wounds & heal deeply, so they can make powerful shifts in their life. My journey of womb healing has been a revelation to me - I am so happy to share it now with you.

I offer sessions to support the energy & healing around - fertility, pregnancy, conscious birthing, post-natal healing, still birth, abortion healing, period/cycle reconnection, conscious parenting & soul contracts with our children, past life healing, life path healing & connecting with your higher purpose. Sessions in person in Milton Keynes, UK or online via Skype.

Event Details...

Sunday 21st March 2020

Time - 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Exchange - £44 - Payment required to secure place. Email Debbie at for booking details.

Numbers are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Venue in The Little Breathing Space cabin at The Granary, Manor Farm, Brogbrough.

Please share with any friends you feel may be interested.

If you feel you need help but are not ready to open in a group setting, please do contact me about private 1:1 sessions.

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