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Debbie Jordan-Mills

How May I Serve You?


I am passionate about my work, about healing lives and supporting your journey of self realization.

I have been an energy healer and spiritual teacher for 19 years.


Through my own personal growth and understanding I have been able to develop my healing practice to support hundreds of clients in finding freedom from often life long issues.


Our health and wellbeing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level all start as energy. During a session blocks can be released allowing a greater flow of life force/Chi/Prana though all levels of the energy field. This in turn frees the body to activate its own healing and rejuvenation.

Our body is constantly trying to bring itself into balance – energy work supports this natural process.


My aim is to make complex spiritual concepts understandable and relatable. Giving each client a deeper understanding of themselves as energetic beings. As we learn to communicate with ourselves in this new way, our innate wisdom starts to be heard. That intuitive voice that always guides us to our highest path - a voice that may have been ignored or not fully trusted for many lifetimes.


This shift in perspective enables us to take up a position of strong leadership in our lives. We can access core issues more easily and work to take responsibility for our own healing.


My work is ultimately about freedom


Freedom to be fully who we are, expressing ourselves in the world in a way that brings us joy.


I walk this path with you constantly learning, awakening, healing and remembering.


I write to share the light that comes through me.


I create sacred spaces for groups to gather because I know the power of community and friendship. The immense light that is created when hearts connect and the healing that occurs through shared experience.


I work with individual clients because I know the great shifts that take place when someone is fully seen, heard and honoured. When they receive light and when the mind rests so the Soul can have a voice. It is in these sacred moment’s lives can heal deeply and a greater wisdom can be realized.


All of this is not just my work - it is who I am.


I support others to awaken their purpose too. It is not something you go and get - it is a truth that emerges from deep within your heart. I walk this path and love holding a light to illuminate the way.



I hope my work in all its forms inspires you.


I am ready to help you heal, awaken and find your deepest soul led truth.


I am so glad you are here.



Much Love


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