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Quantum Healing 


Quantum Healing Sessions serve you at every level. Connecting with your whole being – mind, body and spirit at your deepest truth as a quantum field of light. Working to balance at a cellular level and restore an optimum flow of Chi through all of your chakras and organs. Our cells vibrate at different levels depending on our thoughts, words and environment. These healing sessions restore our light quotient and activate a greater level of Pranic energy available to us.

Connection To Your Star Origin


In connecting to the place your soul knows as home, you reconnect with the wholeness of who you are and call back a deep remembering of why you are here in this life at this time. You access the blueprint of your souls flame; it’s unique frequencies and subtle light patterns that never arrived with you due to the density of this earthly realm. Light holds information, so in connecting to your star origin you will be able to receive the fullness of the light codes unique to your purpose and sacred journey in this life.

Lemurian Crystal Healing 


Our deepest truth is that we are crystalline beings. We are souls in physical form. Our health both physical and emotional is balanced or blocked by the amount of energy (light) that moves through us. Our words, thoughts, environment, relationships, work & inherited energetic patterns all affect this flow.

Crystal healing is an ancient form of working with the mind & body to restore balance and clear blocked energy. Trauma, shock, deep unresolved emotional wounding & even past life karmic imprints all create imbalance in the energy field. 

Crystalline Light Body Activation


If you are drawn to this activation then you are hearing the call from your soul to step through into the next level of awakening. Expansion is calling and a new cycle is beginning for you. You are ready to receive the key codes of light via light language, crystal frequencies and sacred sound. These sacred keys of light are specific to you and unlock patterns of frequency (encoded wisdom) to support your rebirth.

Ancestral Timeline and Womb Line Release


This healing and activation will look deeply into the energy patterns you are holding through your bloodline, DNA, and energetic connection with your family, in this and many lifetimes. We carry the imprint of our family from our first level of embodiment in our mother’s womb. This is often called the “mother wound” it is never personal but in truth an energy memory of all the women through many generations who have birthed to enable you to arrive here in this now time. This carries so much of all their wounding. It is the “collective family pain body” – a build up of memories where there was a shutting down, trauma or splitting off from the soul energy to cope with suffering.

Cellular Water DNA Flush


This is a deep level energetic cleanse and restructure of the water within your body, to release collective imprints and return your cells to the pristine crystalline geometric frequencies that should naturally form.


This activates you to receive light in a more expanded way, creating a clear channel within your body for your source connection to flow. This expanded flow of source light gives us more energy, strengthens our immune system and helps us feel more vibrant.

Energy Coaching 


A space for you to return to your sacred self, to let go of all you are holding onto and to become still enough to see clearly. Sessions are a blend of core issue identification, healing meditations, release work, spiritual spring cleaning and wisdom teaching. Each session unique to the client, the moment and the light that is calling to be received. We work at a deep level to activate energy led solutions and soul led understandings.

Soul Star Card Readings


I have wanted to create something for a while that offers a quick reset & a return to peace/balance.  Life can be busy with so much to knock us off our centre. These 30 min Card Readings come with a short meditation & energy healing sent to you.

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