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Quantum Healing Sessions serve you at every level. Connecting with your whole being – mind, body and spirit at your deepest truth as a quantum field of light. Working to balance at a cellular level and restore an optimum flow of Chi through all of your chakras and organs. Our cells vibrate at different levels depending on our thoughts, words and environment. These healing sessions restore our light quotient and activate a greater level of Pranic energy available to us.

We are in a constant state of expansion and contraction as part of the universal field of consciousness. Over time blocks can occur in our natural flow of life force energy – also known as Prana or Chi. Energy healing is key to shifting these blocked energies and helping you feel better in mind and body.

Humanity is experiencing a time of great awakening – we are remembering ourselves as energetic beings and creators of our own reality.

My role is to support you in healing that which is limiting your remembering, expansion and hold a sacred space for you to embody your highest aspects of self in this lifetime.

During a Quantum Healing Session I channel pure Source Light to restore balance within your body and create a bridge of light for you to open to the higher truths of your unique self.  Each session is tailored to your individual needs as I work with your energy field on a multi dimensional level, always connecting to the highest source light. We will address any healing needs you have on many physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels.

These sessions also provide a space for you to receive personal soul activations from your higher self. These can manifest as deep karmic releases, connection to your wisdom lineages, an awakening of soul gifts that you have developed in other lifetimes but not realized until now, and also downloads of personal soul information – key codes of light that will direct a new cycle of growth within you.

Quantum Healing is a beautiful and deeply transformational experience that will support and guide you, like an internal compass for many weeks or months after the session.

If you are looking to heal, move forward, let go or transform in any way these healing activations are a supportive, clear and direct way of getting to the core issues.

Time – 90 minutes

Where – In Person or via Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £75

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