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This healing and activation will look deeply into the energy patterns you are holding through your bloodline, DNA, and energetic connection with your family, in this and many lifetimes. We carry the imprint of our family from our first level of embodiment in our mother’s womb. This is often called the “mother wound” it is never personal but in truth an energy memory of all the women through many generations who have birthed to enable you to arrive here in this now time. This carries so much of all their wounding. It is the “collective family pain body” – a build up of memories where there was a shutting down, trauma or splitting off from the soul energy to cope with suffering.

This also extends to the collective pain body (energetic memory) of different cultures, civilizations, times in history and the journey our ancestors walked individually as either a man or woman. All have the potential to trigger limitations, blocks and emotional or physical pain in this lifetime.

You may feel this as an unexplained emptiness – a space within that can never be fully filled. It can also show itself as repetitive patterns in meeting partners or making friends that display similar qualities. Looking back you may realize that all your relationships or friendships have almost been with basically the same person, because they have played out so many repetitive dynamics.

Our health, both physical and emotional carry the echo of our ancestors, in clearing these energetic programs you are free to fully inhabit your own body, energy field, rebalance and not be diverted by the weight of old pain.

This healing is a gift of love to all of your ancestors – as they become free too.

This healing work covers many levels of ancestral energetic inheritance – it can manifest as difficulty in conceiving a child, allergies and phobias that cant be explained, on going financial lack, deep unexplained long term anger, depression or a sadness that may be life long, inability to take action on your dreams, inability to allow yourself to dream, fear arising when connecting with your inner self (often in meditation), or simply you may feel you are carrying something heavy, but cant quite understand what.

So many people I speak to say that they find being here too difficult and never wanted to come back. Often the words arrive with so much emotion and shock as they can’t logically understand why they would even say this.

This emotion holds a key for you; it shows that you are feeling, even on a subtle level, an unresolved wounding that is calling to be healed.


Time – 90 minutes

Where – Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £120

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