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Our deepest truth is that we are crystalline beings. We are souls in physical form. Our health both physical and emotional is balanced or blocked by the amount of energy (light) that moves through us. Our words, thoughts, environment, relationships, work & inherited energetic patterns all affect this flow.

Crystal healing is an ancient form of working with the mind & body to restore balance and clear blocked energy. Trauma, shock, deep unresolved emotional wounding & even past life karmic imprints all create imbalance in the energy field. 

In removing these discordant frequencies we can heal & allow more of our own true light in.

This release creates a new flow and a greater level of freedom within us to expanding into our light body.

Crystals are of the Earth they hold her heartbeat, her pulse.

They have what scientists call an Piezoelectric Pulse - measurable and constant flow of life force energy. This is why Quartz is used in clocks & watches- it’s pulse of light regulating the time mechanics.
Black Tourmaline is used in the starter motor of engines again for the same reason - to regulate & provide a constant pulse of light.

Crystals are incredible healers. Their frequencies & unique qualities work on the body and energy field to push through blocks, move and regulate energy flow.
They balance us on all levels creating deep feelings of peace and calm.

In the times of Lemuria crystals were used in every area of life. To energise food, activate water, prevent illness in the body by keeping it in balance, keep the vibration of living spaces high, communicating with others telepathically, recording information & activating healing temples of light. They used both physical and etheric crystals.

I do the same working with clients, we connect with both physical & etheric crystalline light to provide the exact healing dynamic each person needs.

These sessions are equally effective in person or via a Zoom/Distance Healing call.


Time – 90 minutes

Where – In Person or via Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £75

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