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These sessions offer a space for you to return to your sacred self, to let go of all you are holding onto and to become still enough to see clearly. They are a blend of core issue identification, healing meditations, release work, spiritual spring cleaning and wisdom teaching. Each session unique to the client, the moment and the light that is calling to be received.

We work at a deep level to activate energy led solutions and soul led understandings.

I am passionate about helping others do their inner work. Finding ways to heal and thrive by releasing that which blocks. These energy coaching sessions dig deep and get results by finding the core issues (places where the emotional energy body is still triggered and activated).

Unresolved issues sit within us and create a freezing, numbing or scattering of our energy. This affects every area of our lives, often we are so used to it we think its just who we are. Any limit or unbalance can be resolved with support.

Talking in a sacred and energetically held space helps these old dynamics safely rise to be released. To be seen, heard and honoured is a basic human need – if we have grown up without being witnessed with love we can develop coping mechanisms to numb the pain. As an adult these can become destructive and limiting. Affecting our relationships, health and ability to manifest abundance and joy. Deep anger or sadness can sit inside the body for years, only rising at a later date seemingly unrelated to the past core wounding.

As a healer my role is to help identify the root cause and release them energetically.

I work with each person to support a greater level of self empowerment. To help them discover their own healing processes and fully own who they are. To help them find their voice and claim their space in the world.

If you are feeling the call to dive deep and really heal please do get in touch.

I am aware this is a journey not just a drop in point. I am offering a buy 4 get a 5th session free.

If you are looking for a bespoke package for longer term support please do contact to discuss. Healing is a personal life long journey – I will always work to provide the highest levels of energy healing to fit individual needs.

Time – 90 minutes

Where – In Person or via Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £75

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