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I have wanted to create something for a while that offers a quick reset & a return to peace/balance. 

Life can be busy with so much to knock us off our centre. 

These 30 min Card Readings come with a short meditation & energy healing sent to you.

This reset is offered via a Zoom call. 

They need to be booked in advance (even if it is that morning). 

Ideal to take during your lunch break at work, at the beginning of a day off to deeply relax, after a tough day or to relax & reset before sleeping. 


TIME - 30min

WHAT TO EXPECT- I will give you a choice of card decks to pick. I will intuitively pick a card for you that offers guidance to support you. 

What will arise from this is a theme or focus for your meditation/healing. I will talk through a meditation- transmitting light to balance your chakras, energy body, mind & release stress. 

During the session you will experience a reset of your energy - helping you become more present in the moment, calmer & more connected to a peaceful state of being. 

As with all my work I support the reconnection to your Soul Self, your true essence - anchoring back into the body. This creates a whole new connection to self, giving clarity on your purpose & direction going forward. 

These Soul Star Card Readings are a plug in & reset that are available to you anytime.

Being online means you don’t need to travel, organise childcare, other responsibilities or be in the U.K.


In these times of great change we all need a helping hand to regain perspective, calm our over stimulated nervous system & breathe. 


This is a space to receive guidance, a relaxing meditation & an energy healing. 

Time – 30 Mins

Where – Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £25



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