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This is a deep level energetic cleanse and restructure of the water within your body, to release collective imprints and return your cells to the pristine crystalline geometric frequencies that should naturally form.


This activates you to receive light in a more expanded way, creating a clear channel within your body for your source connection to flow. This expanded flow of source light gives us more energy, strengthens our immune system and helps us feel more vibrant.


The collective consciousness of water holds so much wisdom for us all at this time. Water holds memory and is a conductor of energy. The human body has been measured to be about 60% water and is part of the global collective consciousness of water on this planet.



Working with light language, crystalline light frequencies and sacred sound, light codes are transmitted into your cellular structure to release deep collective separation programming, manipulation frequencies, distortion caused by electromagnetic energies. This is a cleanse and activation to support your awakening and health.

During the session we will talk through what has called you into this healing space. Through guided meditation and a light language transmission I will activate your Cellular Water DNA Flush and Crystalline Activation.

Time – 90 minutes

Where – Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £120

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