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In connecting to the place your soul knows as home, you reconnect with the wholeness of who you are and call back a deep remembering of why you are here in this life at this time. You access the blueprint of your souls flame; it’s unique frequencies and subtle light patterns that never arrived with you due to the density of this earthly realm. Light holds information, so in connecting to your star origin you will be able to receive the fullness of the light codes unique to your purpose and sacred journey in this life.


This support creates an opening within you to your starlight home, so that you can receive an ongoing connection and flow of light from your source. It helps you navigate life from a higher perspective aligned with your purpose. It will help you expand into your highest aspects of self and rediscover the gifts you were always meant to express while here.


I find this reconnection can activate deep shifts in creativity, purpose, healing and life direction. Often clients express a deep feeling of home in these energies and also a sense of wholeness afterwards. It is felt as a coming home to self.


Many people live with a sense of not belonging, a lifetime feeling of not really fitting into the world. This can create depression and anxiety with no logical way to explain the emptiness they feel inside. I know this can stem from a deep inner feeling of their star home, a subtly in their energy field that is calling to be heard and understood.


This will be acute for many if their own star has not been discovered by humanity. This means it is not in the collective consciousness – our human mind stream. This can create feelings of separation and abandonment that are much stronger than this life experience can understand. I have found these sessions can offer a reunion with self, and a release of this soul separation.

During the session we will talk through what has called you into this healing space. Through guided meditation and light language transmission I will activate this connection. We will connect closely with your soul family and the star connection your soul knows as home. 

In this you can receive the support of your higher self and a deeply profound healing from your family of light.


Time – 90 minutes

Where – Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £120

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