If you are drawn to this activation then you are hearing the call from your soul to step through into the next level of awakening. Expansion is calling and a new cycle is beginning for you. You are ready to receive the key codes of light via light language, crystal frequencies and sacred sound. These sacred keys of light are specific to you and unlock patterns of frequency (encoded wisdom) to support your rebirth.


You experience many soul lessons through life that release old energy such as past life contracts and karmic bonds. You may need to connect with places, people or group dynamics again to feel these residue energies. This gives you the opportunity to understand, forgive and release at a deep level, then allowing more of your light body (soul) to integrate within you.


This is a healing journey that expands through many lifetimes and realities.


The Crystalline Light Body Activation is a connection and integration with the higher aspects of self. On your spiritual path there will be many times of rebirth, when your light body goes through a great transformation into its next level of embodiment. This session will support you while deep shifts occur at a cellular level.  


These sessions have been created to fully anchor this for you.

During the session we will talk through what has called you into this healing space. Through guided meditation, light language transmissions and sacred sound I will activate your next level of light body connection and activation.

Time – 90 

Where – Zoom Online Video Call

Exchange - £120

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Cotswolds, United Kingdom

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