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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

These words below came through during a meditation. They came as an answer to a question I had asked. The question flowed through me as I sat in a place of complete stillness and connection. I felt the oneness of all life, our interconnectedness and our profound journey through separation to rediscover this truth.

The question was –

What does my heart say to every single person I have ever met or will ever meet in this and every lifetime?

As the words flowed through I could feel everyone – all of us. We were all present, ignited as one heart-light.

From that day I have held this vision, a vision of love for all our journeys and the truth that no matter what life delivers we are all one.

My writing and teaching, in fact my whole life holds the energy of this vision and intention.

As I hold this vision for you, I hope you will see the truth of your light and express it freely.

I hope you enjoy these words and the flame held within them.

Much love,


I hold a vision for you… That you see you are beautiful, That you know from the bottom of your heart that you are an incredible soul, here in this life to share your unique gifts and to share your heart.

I hold a vision for you… That you realise the burden you carry can be released, That you can know trust and allow it to become your friend, That you can create miracles and be the creator of a wonderful life.

I hold a vision for you… That you can see your true self from behind the mask of illusion, That you feel the heartbeat of the Earth and the unity of all life. That you remember who you are and what you have come to do.

I hold a vision for you… That you remember that all life is our family and that we need to love our family with all our hearts. That each time you love you help change the world.

I hold a vision for you… That you will become your own best friend, cherish your individuality and see your gifts, That to honour and acknowledge yourself then allows you to do the same for others.

We are all here on Earth as one human family, no separation, no winners or losers, each person having a unique experience aligned with their soul’s path.

Treasure each day and allow the flow of life through every cell of your being.

For when you open your heart, allow yourself to feel and accept what is, then life will become a wonderful adventure.

I trust the flame in my heart touches the flame in your heart and ignites it!

This is the vision I hold for you.

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