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COST £375

The Masters teaching and attunement will arrive in your life when you are ready. I always say that when the time is right, you will get the call – it will find you.

You will need to have completed the Reiki One and Two Attunements and be confidently moving through your own inner healing work. The Masters Attunement will not make you a master, but your lifelong journey in this energy will deliver all you need, to discover the mastery already within you.

This spiritual initiation is a powerful energetic awakening that will take commitment and a level of wisdom to move through. I find it aligns people with their purpose, activates a deep level of healing and creates profound life changes.
Some people will use the teachings to attune and teach others about Reiki, others will take this light into many different areas of life, creating transformation through their vibration.

I found the Masters Attunement to be a completely life changing experience, it has been the most beautiful energy to live in over the last eighteen years. If you feel the call and want to talk further, please get in touch.

We will cover how to teach & attune others to all three degrees of reiki, advanced healing techniques, spirit release, entity removal, group work, earth healing, soul group work, timeline & multi dimensional healing, karmic release, connection & working with the spirit realms & masters of light.

Each person will have a unique journey through this attunement as they download their sacred blueprint (frequency, pattern of light) from their soul lineage. It is a gateway of initiation that will place you directly in line with your sacred service work.

On completing the two day teaching and attunement you will be presented with a certificate, manual, and a print out of your own personal attunement lineage back to Dr Usui.

Please contact to book and receive payment details.


Venue in Milton Keynes given on booking.



I was originally attuned to Usui Reiki in 2000 when pregnant with my Daughter. It was a life changing experience that helped me connect with my baby, heal my body after the birth and support my children ongoing with healing energies. It gave me access to deep states of peace and calm - something I had been unable to find for years.

I have been offering energy healing and reiki attunements for 18 years. I have seen first hand the whole life benefits my clients and students have experienced. It opens you up to your own divine source connection, your innate body wisdom and a confidence to trust and know yourself on a whole new level.

Above all these attunements empower you to care of yourself in a deeper way. Managing your energy and healing your life. It is a life long journey for us all. I feel very blessed to offer these attunements and guide students into a new way of feeling and seeing the world.

Many Blessings


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