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There are places on earth that are different, they have a magic and mystery about them. Glastonbury is one. Places where pilgrims have travelled for centuries, to connect with that which is beyond the realms of logic or linear understanding. This place has a resonance, a grace, that calls the spiritual seeker. The veils between the realms are especially fluid - perfect to support you in healing, awakening and shifts in consciousness.

A place of sacred initiation and activation

I am gathering a group for a two day immersion on this sacred land.

During the two days you will be held within the energy of our group intention - to return to the grace of our own being.

We will be visiting the sacred sites of The Chalice Well Gardens, The Tor, The Red and White Springs and The Ancient Abbey grounds. You will have plenty of time to explore these magical sites, take part in group meditations and receive the wisdom that is held so powerfully in these sacred spaces.

Each person will receive their own personal Key Code Activation from myself via a Light language Transmission.

The light keys delivered will come direct from your own Soul/Star lineage. These transmissions offer a beautiful unlocking of your stellar/wisdom lineages. This is the gateway to remembering the deepest truth of who you are. They hold the libraries of light that you hold and are. These sacred ancient lands are a perfect space to receive these personal codes - they will support your integration and grounding.

We will be connecting with the pure spring waters of the Red and White Springs for cleansing and as a gateway to the elemental realms that are so profoundly present here.

Glastonbury is also famous for it's high street full of crystal and spiritually themed shops. There will be plenty of time to look around and purchase some treasures.

Glastonbury is always an adventure, a healing and a deep place of awakening. I am excited to share this magical sacred tour with you.

Please do get in touch if you would like to join us.

Details of meeting, parking etc given after booking.

Saturday - 10.30am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm


Payment via bank transfer or PayPal to secure place.

Accommodation and meals are not included.

Please contact for booking and any queries.

Blessings Debbie

Please contact for booking personal or own group tours.
Sacred tour dates available throughout the year.

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